Knowledge of actual product Cost begins with the Knowledge of Standardized cost for each items and quantity been used to make final product. The Standardized Cost sheet is a record of the ingredients cost required to produce the finished good sold by the selling unit. Properly maintained, cost sheet provide you with the real time up-to-date information about the cost helping you in making the pricing decisions thereafter. Our One Chain System helps you to keep the Cost sheet in regular basis thus helping in Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis.

Having a strong inventory management system is essence of Production stores. For multi-outlet, it becomes mandatory. One Chain System has taken what could be a difficult and drawn out process, into something that is streamlined, prioritizing with simplicity.
Indeed, One Chain System multi-store POS makes it easy to manage inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time, regardless of whether you’re making a sale in-store or through delivery. Better still, you can transfer stock between stores and One Chain System will help to adjust stock levels at your store and manufacturing houses.
One Chain System also provides support for you to schedule inventory counts, and set up re-ordering for when stock counts a certain level.With One Chain System POS all of your sales are recorded in one centralized programming, meaning no matter whether a customer buys in store or Phone call, your inventory, sales data and more are automatically updated in real time.

On the other side, every staffs detail can be recorded and specified who work at which store and they will be given access to the section related to their role. All transactions made at the POS registers are recorded under the staff member logged in to the POS making it helpful when calculating performance and reviewing transaction histories.